Dream Catcher

Visiting Pak Pranoto at his new house & gallery in the southwestern part of East Java. 

A short story about Pranoto Ahmad Raji. By Sesilia Kadrie

Pranoto Ahmad Raji, was born in Sragen, Central Java in 1952. Ever Since he was a young-teen, Pranoto had the aspiration to become a painter. 

In the times when vehicles were not so common on the roads of Ubud and walking a long distance from one point to another was regular practice, Pranoto moved from his hometown to the art district of Bali (Ubud) to chase after his dreams and concentrate on painting as a profession in the year 1974, February to be precise.

Pak Pran, how I call him, is very funny, friendly and an outgoing person. Even though his work has been exhibited in many places all over the world, Pak Pran stays humble to his roots and loves to encourage people to pursue their dreams and stay true to themselves.

After living in Ubud for over 4 decades, Pak Pran decided to make the move to Pacitan in August 2019. He then started to build on the land he had bought back in 1992, keeping true to his word, his dreams of building his own house here has now become reality.

“I’m not losing my feelings for Bali, but this was my dream, to build this house here” 

Pranoto Ahmad Raji

Pak Pran couldn’t afford art school back then, so he learned a lot from his fellow artists and is a self taught painter. One of the reasons why he keeps his house open for everyone is to keep the idea of “learning through community” going. Pak Pran always welcomes everyone who wants to learn, socialise and support each other to develop themselves. 

If you are interested to come and check out his gallery, learn to draw, make music or even just to come and say hi to Pak Pran, head over to his page on facebook Pranoto’s Art Gallery to find more information about his gallery. 

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